Founded in 2005, GENYX is a Dubai-based boutique consulting firm dedicated to developing leaders, creating and sustaining high-performance teams, setting strategy roadmaps, and helping transform organizational culture. We have attractive advisors, courageous consultants, certified coaches, and fun facilitators that can help your organization to achieve higher levels of performance and growth. We work with inspiring leaders around the world who successfully build brands, carry culture, make strategy maps, and share compelling stories.

With our strong belief that performance is about the partnership, we guide leaders and teams through customized and innovative Assessment, Engagement, and Alignment solutions so you can achieve your goals and serve your customers.

We offer a variety of unique learning programs and powerful individual and team assessments, along with mentoring and consulting services to help your people identify and leverage their strengths to become much more effective – and be their best.

GENYX has performed consulting assignments across diverse sectors: aviation, communications, education, energy, environment, FMCG, financial services, healthcare, hospitality, insurance, IT, leisure, loyalty, pharmaceuticals, philanthropy, and sustainable transport.

Since 2010 GENYX has distributed the DYNAMIX® Personal Performance Assessment which is being used by thousands of people in over 60 countries. Our DYNAMIX® profile is available in English, French, and Spanish. We also provide 2 Team Performance Profiles which help teams to identify their team challenges as well as strengths, and are used to create aligned and engaged high-performing teams.

GENYX has been at the birth of several exciting new brands: AIMIA, Bee’ah Group, Chubb, DIFC, Emirates Islamic, Emirates NBD, EvoTeq, Genpharm, Injazat, ION, Organon, Mubadala, Sheik Khalifa Medical City, and Viatris.