Faaizah Al-Quaid

Associate Consultant - Assessment

Faaizah Al-Quaid is an Associate Consultant with GENYX since 2019. She has lived and worked in the United States and the United Arab Emirates.

Faaizah performs consulting assignments for GENYX in the areas of learning and development, organizational alignment and engagement, team assessment and effectiveness, and business development.

Previously Faaizah worked with Schering Pharmaceuticals in Philadelphia and New York City. She relocated to the UAE with Schering-Plough Pharmaceuticals and then worked with Johnson & Johnson Middles East as Health Care Compliance Officer, Medical and Consumer Divisions.

In her career Faaizah has been responsible for creating and implementing country-specific competitive brand strategies, related tactics, budget allocation, and various projects in the USA and Middle East, with focus on strategy development, business building, and marketing.

Faaizah is currently consulting in healthcare, environment management, financial services, and hospitality including important GENYX assignments with AstraZeneca, Bee’ah Group, MSD, Takeda, and Viatris.

Faaizah speaks English and Urdu and holds a Bachelor of Pharmacy on the Dean’s List from Temple University in Philadelphia in 1999.