Peter Hall

Learning, Development, & Assessments

Peter Hall joined GENYX as an Associate Consultant specializing in Leadership and Management. He has lived and worked in the Ivory Coast, France, Italy, the United States, and currently lives in the United Kingdom.

Peter has designed and managed several successful leadership initiatives, to not only define leadership excellence, but to also develop strategies, create a supporting culture, and increase employee engagement and alignment. He has worked in a variety of environments including manufacturing (specifically the food industry), aviation, health and safety, hospitality, Formula 1, pharmaceuticals, and security sectors.

Peter has worked with all levels of management in helping them to realize their potential through practical hands-on learning and development, coaching, and facilitation. With an engaging and personable delivery style, Peter aims to help leaders and teams realize their potential and businesses to reach their defined organizational goals.

Results oriented, Peter engages teams quickly and enthuses individuals to strive for high performance and action plan implementation. Peter creates an environment that enables people to not only develop themselves as individuals, but to also develop diverse and dynamic teams to embrace and lead change.

Peter speaks English and conversational French. He is certified to facilitate individual and team feedback sessions using GENYX assessments such as DYNAMIX®, Team Performance Level 1, and Team Performance Level 2, as well as The Team Performance Model. Peter holds a BA degree in International Business and French.