"I am very grateful to you and GENYX personally for the opportunity to learn a lot of new and useful things about myself and my abilities. The time spent at the DYNAMIX® & Team Performance Certification Program was very warm, productive, and very informative."

Market Lead, Pharmaceutical, Ukraine

“It was a great few days. We all feel we’ve learned a lot – about each other, about what we need to put in place to move our mission forward, and about what we’ve done so far… We have great plans for this to show our (colleagues) and give them the same sense of pride we felt last week!”

National Communications Lead, Pharmaceutical, Canada

“We leave last week’s session with greater team unification, energized to see what we have accomplished, and how we can help our organization and teams… and with good understanding of our priorities. Moreover, you made us reflect and we had fun. All elements of a successful Leadership Team Retreat.”

Business Unit Lead, Pharmaceutical, Canada

“Thank you for creating a warm environment to interact. Most importantly, thank you for nurturing a self-evaluation, that I learned a lot from DYNAMIX® – at the same time, getting to know my colleagues so much better.”

National Medical Lead, Pharmaceutical, Canada

“Thank you GENYX for taking such care of us during our recent strategy weekend. You make a significant difference, both in the life and growth of Gulf for Good, and most importantly, in helping children who need it most. Together, we believe that every child has the right to a good and happy life! With deep gratitude for partnering with us on the journey! We are meeting later today to discuss the report and action!”

Chairwoman, Dubai

“GENYX Team – a big thanks. We all took a big step forward on alignment, engagement, and a good refinement on our Regional Value Proposition.”

Head Biopharmaceuticals, Asia Pacific Region – Pharmaceutical

“Thank you for your commitment and dedication in attending our workshop during the weekend. I believe this was a very successful start for better alignment, and co-operation towards leading the bank to the next level. We must capitalize on the good efforts and ideas we collectively achieved - and keep momentum going. The changes start within us!”

CEO, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – Financial Services

“I would like to thank ALL OF YOU for the great time we had together! I truly believe we now know each other better, and this will obviously lead to better communication – and to our best possible business results! At the same time, I believe we had fun!
We will continue to build trust in each other and overall, as a team, have more achievements and reasons to be proud. Next time we will finalize our organization’s Vision and Mission to make these crisp, clear, and engaging.
It is my great pleasure and privilege to work with you - such a professional and enthusiastic team, and GENYX our best ever consultants!”

General Manager, Russia – Healthcare

“We have all enjoyed the journey of building a strong management team in our organization through your support for this Emotional Intelligence Program. These years are challenging for us as we leave our ‘comfort zone’ to go out to the Middle East region and further. Your GENYX support to build our management team is important to me and I am sure to the other members of our management team.”

CEO, United Arab Emirates – Energy

“Many thanks to GENYX for your constant support throughout the Loyalty Leadership Training Program – you have truly helped bring the best performance out of me. Your acknowledgements on work well done, and your honest feedback on areas of improvement, have all contributed to an amazing year of learning and development which I greatly value and appreciate.
Thank you Team GENYX, you have been instrumental in my professional growth and development.”

Key Account Manager, Middle East & Africa – Loyalty

“After discussing with my Marketing Team this morning, during our Weekly Meeting, the overall feedback on GENYX was very positive. Bridges were built, goals and targets were understood, but most importantly, fun was had!”

Marketing Director, United Arab Emirates – Environmental Services

“The Report from the SMG ManagementPro Assessment was generated immediately; it is quite informative and illuminating in terms of career matches and personal strengths vis-a-vis the team, the supervisor, and the organization. Thank you GENYX for this experience!”

Business Development Director, United Arab Emirates – Environmental Services

“Just a personal note of thanks to you all for the sessions provided this week. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and personally took a lot of positives from it all. My team has already been briefed and I sincerely hope to see them be very vocal in their participation. I look forward to the journey ahead with GENYX.”

Director, Golf Course Maintenance, United Arab Emirates – Leisure, Travel & Tourism

“Thank you GENYX Team for giving us such a magnificent workshop stressing on our organization’s Values, Mission, and Vision. Good going. We thoroughly enjoyed the learning!”

Procurement Specialist, United Arab Emirates – Financial Services

“Thank you GENYX Team for your excellent effort to let us as bankers know what our vision, mission and the bank’s values are. Honestly it was interesting and useful.”

Branch Manager, United Arab Emirates – Financial Services

“First, thank you for giving us the opportunity to attend this energetic workshop. I have digested a lot from it and have already shared a lot with my team today. Thank you GENYX team for making the workshop so simple and lively that every participant understood the core objectives. Along with our team, I will work enthusiastically in achieving the goal set by our bank to become one of the top 100 globally recognized banks.”

Customer Service Supervisor, United Arab Emirates – Financial Services

“Thank you GENYX Team for facilitating what was a successful team development workshop last Thursday for our Branch Managers.
I believe this was useful in achieving the objectives of team alignment and aspiration sharing that we set for ourselves.”

Vice President Retail Banking & Wealth Management, United Arab Emirates – Financial Services

“Many thanks GENYX team for the follow-up and Report; it is very comprehensive and useful.”

CEO, United Arab Emirates – Philanthropy

“The coaching support and guidance you are giving me is invaluable and beyond my greatest expectation; I always feel energized and rejuvenated! Thank you GENYX Team!”

Director of Quality, United Arab Emirates – Healthcare

“Our organisation is fully satisfied with the Team Alignment Workshops run by GENYX for crews on drilling rigs. GENYX has also run a series of successful workshops for us to cover work relationships, in particular to review roles and responsibilities for Rig Managers and Drilling Supervisors.”

General Manager, Exploration & Production, United Arab Emirates – Energy

“We had a great final two days at both Clubs last week, and we are all really heading in the same direction.
The process has brought about some amazing changes in the operation and the people within it.
Your team has been instrumental in starting this change for which we are very grateful!
We are starting an exciting journey of improvement!”

Chief Executive Officer, United Arab Emirates – Leisure, Travel & Tourism

“The GENYX workshop on Monday was one of its kind. I was pleased with my very detailed and accurate DYNAMIX® Profile. I consider it as an excellent personal development tool that hopefully, will drive me to great individual performance!”

Communications Manager, Belgium – Pharmaceutical

“On behalf of the international team, many thanks for a great session yesterday. The team really appreciates the value that GENYX brings and get that you can help them achieve both personally and with their Executive Committee teams.”

VP & General Manager International Banking, United Arab Emirates – Financial Services

“I found the Team Performance Model powerful as an iterative exercise for our Cluster Leadership.”

Balkans Cluster Lead – Pharmaceutical

“Thank you GENYX team for the facilitation of this workshop in a virtual environment. We were able to share some great perspectives and keep high engagement. I look forward to receiving the GENYX Report with deliverables in due course.”

General Manager, Middle East Cluster – Pharmaceutical

“GENYX - that was genuinely inspiring, and a fantastic learning opportunity - thought provoking. It’s been a wonderful use of time and an exceptional session.”

Executive Director HR, Mid Europe Region – Pharmaceutical

“I am thankful to the GENYX Team because we have made great progress and have powerful leadership emerging from within all of us.”

HR Director, Balkans Cluster – Pharmaceutical

“The Offsite was a great starting point. Part 1 was especially useful - looking at our Achievements and Critical Success Factors was highly valuable. Our Leadership Team acknowledges that this work with GENYX is highly relevant and must continue.”

General Manager, Belgium – Pharmaceutical

“The first day’s session on DYNAMIX® prepared me very well on how to reflect and recognize opportunities to adapt and connect better in the future, and how we can work better as a high performing team.”

Managing Director, Greece, Malta, & Cyprus – Pharmaceutical

“Thanks so much for the great efforts from all the GENYX Team. It was very nice having these 4 virtual GENYX sessions during these last 3 months despite the difficult circumstances of the COVID situation. I can recognize the value added to our team and to me especially.”

Cluster Lead, North Africa, Russia, Ukraine, & CIS – Pharmaceutical

“Today was really a very good virtual workshop; I’m learning a lot and I’m also inspired by the passion, support, and knowledge of the GENYX consultants.”

North Africa, Russia, Ukraine, & CIS Cluster – Pharmaceutical