Rachael Handley

Associate Consultant - Leadership

Rachael Handley is an Associate Consultant with GENYX since 2018. She is a Leadership and Management expert. She has managed successful leadership initiatives to define leadership culture, enhance individual and team capabilities, and support career growth for employees and organizations. She has worked in international multicultural environments within the oil & gas, banking, and hospitality sectors. With GENYX, Rachael has consulted to environmental services, financial services, healthcare, and pharmaceutical sectors.

Rachael holds an MSc from the University of Leicester, a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (for Further and Higher Education), and is a Certified Co-Active Coach from the Coaches Training Institute; she is an ACC member of the International Coaching Federation. Rachael has coached and mentored at the CEO and senior executive level, as well as coaching business leaders and entrepreneurs. Her strengths lie in being able to bring meaningful realization from individuals to help them close the gap between where they are and where they want to be.

Rachael is also a vibrant and energetic facilitator and consultant; her core focus is on creating memorable experiences, building new perspectives and discovering ‘aha’ moments which help individuals and teams build even greater effectiveness and cohesiveness. Rachael is certified to facilitate individual and team feedback sessions using GENYX assessments such as DYNAMIX®, Team Performance Level 1, and Team Performance Level 2, as well as The Team Performance Model.

Most recently Rachael has consulted for GENYX to AstraZeneca, BEEAH Group, Emirates Islamic Bank, Merck, MSD, Organon, Takeda, and Viatris.