Our Consultants

GENYX consultants are diverse, honest, and passionate individuals who model collaboration and are dedicated to our client’s performance. With a wide range of expertise and backgrounds, our consultants always add a fresh perspective to your business.

Ahmed Ali Al Sarkal

Chairman & Co-Founder

Ahmed Ali Al Sarkal is a founding Partner in and Chairman of GENYX since 2004.
He has lived in the United Kingdom, United States of America, and the United Arab Emirates.
Since 2009 Ahmed is also CEO and Managing Partner of Flag Holding, an innovative private equity house that focuses on diversified segments such as education, food and beverage, health care, hospitality, real estate, retail, travel and tourism.
Prior to creating GENYX and leading Flag Holding, Ahmed enjoyed an illustrious career as a strategic investor and senior manager in the financial services, human resources, and trading sectors.
Ahmed has been recognised for his many contributions to the National Human Resources Development Program in the UAE.
Ahmed speaks English and Arabic and holds a Post Graduate degree from the University of Western Michigan, USA.

Dave Dimmell

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Dave Dimmell is a Founding Partner in and Managing Director of GENYX since 2004.
He has lived and worked in Canada, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates.
Dave is an innovative facilitator and strategic consultant with more than 35 years experience in general management, product development, team performance assessment, executive coaching, and strategic alignment.
Dave is certified to facilitate DYNAMIX®, Team Performance Level 1, and Team Performance Level 2 – powerful individual and team assessments.
Key areas of Dave’s expertise include change management, cross-cultural communication, leadership renewal, and strategy.
Dave has performed consulting assignments in the aviation, education, energy, environment, financial services, insurance, loyalty, health care, hospitality, pharmaceutical, philanthropy and public sectors. Some of Dave’s recent clients include AbbVie, Al Maha, AIMIA, Angelini, AstraZeneca, Bee’ah Group, Chubb Life, Dubai International Financial Centre, Dubai Golf, Emirates NBD, EvoTeq, Genpharm, Gulf for Good, ION, Jumeirah Group, Merck Vaccines, MSD, The Petroleum Institute, SEHA, Thomson Reuters, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Total, Unilever, and Viatris in Emerging Markets.
Dave holds a Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc), Political Studies (International Relations), Cultural Studies (Cinema & Communications) from Trent University, Canada.

Paul Fergus

President ‒ Peak Performance2

Paul Fergus is the President of Peak Performance2 and has over twenty years of sales and management experience. Prior to Peak Performance2, Paul held management positions at several successful computer and consulting organizations and has a BA.Sc. Honors’ Degree in Consumer Behavior, with a minor in business administration.

Paul is an entrepreneur and has built and managed three successful companies with double-digit growth. He has helped many organizations improve their levels of productivity, performance, alignment and engagement including Merck, MSD Belgium, Novartis, Rio Tinto, Scotiabank, Roche Diagnostics, Shire, and Abbott, to name a few.

As an internationally-known speaker, consultant and facilitator, Paul delivers powerful programs on team effectiveness, leadership, motivation, selling, customer service and communications. Paul is a trusted advisor and coach for a number of leaders and he works with them in a hands on way to ensure that they get the results they are looking for.

He is a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS). He is also the co-author of the DYNAMIX® and Team Performance Assessments and the Sales, Service and Leadership Performance programs. Peak Performance 2 has been helping teams internationally to exceed expectations for over 20 years with its core team of consultants and its global team of distributor partners.

Nethan Keshrel Tuden

Project Coordinator

Nethan Tuden is a Project Coordinator with GENYX since 2017 coordinating consulting assignments in the Middle East and Europe. He has lived and worked in the Philippines and the United Arab Emirates.
Nethan is involved in the diagnostic, design, delivery, and development of milestone consulting interventions such as alignment and engagement retreats, offsite meetings, focus groups, employee engagement, and transformation programs.
He has performed assignments in the areas of financial services, healthcare, sustainable transportation, philanthropy, education, and retail.
Some of Nethan’s recent clients include AstraZeneca, Emirates Islamic Bank, Gulf for Good, ION, MSD, Olympus, Takeda, and Viatris Emerging Markets.
Nethan holds a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Business Administration, with a major in Business Management from Central Philippine University, Philippines.
Nethan speaks English and Filipino and has considerable experience in Business Administration, Sales, and Customer relations.

Faaizah Al-Quaid

Associate Consultant - Assessment

Faaizah Al-Quaid is an Associate Consultant with GENYX since 2019. She has lived and worked in the United States and the United Arab Emirates.
Faaizah performs consulting assignments for GENYX in the areas of learning and development, organizational alignment and engagement, team assessment and effectiveness, and business development.
Previously Faaizah worked with Schering Pharmaceuticals in Philadelphia and New York City. She relocated to the UAE with Schering-Plough Pharmaceuticals and then worked with Johnson & Johnson Middles East as Health Care Compliance Officer, Medical and Consumer Divisions.
In her career Faaizah has been responsible for creating and implementing country-specific competitive brand strategies, related tactics, budget allocation, and various projects in the USA and Middle East, with focus on strategy development, business building, and marketing.
Faaizah is currently consulting in healthcare, environment management, financial services, and hospitality including important GENYX assignments with AstraZeneca, Bee’ah Group, MSD, Takeda, and Viatris.
Faaizah speaks English and Urdu and holds a Bachelor of Pharmacy on the Dean’s List from Temple University in Philadelphia in 1999.

Cheryl Handitye

Project Coordinator

Cheryl is a key member of several important consulting engagements sponsored by local, regional and international executives with leading companies. Currently Cheryl performs coordination and stakeholder communication with several GENYX clients including AstraZeneca, Bee’ah Group, Emirates Islamic, Olympus, Takeda Pharmaceuticals and Viatris.
Previously Cheryl held roles in Administration, Executive Coordination, and in Sales and Marketing.
Cheryl holds a Bachelor of Business Administration, International Business from Multimedia University.
Cheryl has lived and worked in Zimbabwe, Malaysia, and the United Arab Emirates. Cheryl is determined, precise, an excellent listener, hardworking, principled, and brings great enthusiasm to GENYX consulting assignments – delivered both virtually and / or in-person.
Most recently Cheryl has focused on important culture and transformation assignments with Gulf for Good, MSD in Europe and with Viatris in Emerging Markets.

Rachael Handley

Associate Consultant - Leadership

Rachael Handley is a Leadership and Management expert. She has managed successful leadership initiatives to define leadership culture, enhance individual and team capabilities, and support career growth for employees and organizations. She has worked in international multicultural environments within the Oil & Gas, Banking, and Hospitality sectors. With GENYX Rachael has consulted to environment management, financial services, healthcare, and pharmaceutical sectors.
Rachael holds an MSc from the University of Leicester, a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (for Further and Higher Education), and is a Certified Co-Active Coach from the Coaches Training Institute; she is an ACC member of the International Coaching Federation. Rachael has coached and mentored at the CEO and senior executive level, as well as coaching business leaders and entrepreneurs. Her strengths lie in being able to bring meaningful realization from individuals to help them close the gap between where they are and where they want to be.
Rachael is also a vibrant and energetic facilitator and consultant; her core focus is on creating memorable experiences, building new perspectives and discovering ‘aha’ moments which help individuals and teams build even greater effectiveness and cohesiveness. Rachael is certified to facilitate individual and team feedback sessions using GENYX assessments such as DYNAMIX®, Team Performance Level 1, and Team Performance Level 2, as well as The Team Performance Model.
Most recently Rachael has consulted for GENYX to AstraZeneca, Bee’ah Group, Emirates Islamic Bank, MSD, Takeda, and Viatris.

Mohammad Adnan Khan


Previously Mohammad worked as a Senior Accountant, General Accountant, and Chief Accountant in retail and trading companies in Dubai since 2011.
Reporting directly to me, Mohammad will also support our GENYX Chairman Ahmed Al Sirkal and our GENYX team to strengthen and expand our business.
Mohammad has impressive experience and knowledge in the preparation and management of various types of financial statements and schedules such as Bank Reconciliation Statements, Depreciation Statements, Cash Flow Statements, Debtors Aging Analysis, as well as important experience in Customer Accounts.
Mohammad uses a consultative approach to promote excellence as well as effectiveness; his passion and enthusiasm are appreciated by our GENYX Consultants, Associates and Clients.
Mohammad speaks English, Hindi, and Urdu and holds a Masters in Business Administration in Finance and Marketing from Punjab Technical University in Jalandhar, India

Sean Robertson

Performance Consultant - Strategy

Sean Robertson is a Performance Consultant with GENYX since 2019. He is a close advisor to CEOs, business unit and function heads, and other senior decision makers. He applies systems thinking and facilitation techniques to solve challenges in growth, strategy, integration, engagement, and alignment in global organizations. He has lived and worked in the United States and Canada.
Holding both an HBSc and MSc in synthetic and materials chemistry, Sean has had roles in scientific research and business development during his early career in health, software, big data analytics, and technology companies. His published academic research includes polymers, energy storage, and semiconductors.
Sean led polymer and adhesives research and device prototype testing for wearable medical devices (RTHM, acquired), and was responsible for business development of pilot contracts with multinational pharmaceutical companies to apply predictive analysis to Alzheimer’s disease (Cogniciti, a Baycrest Health Sciences and MaRS Innovation company) with multinational pharmaceutical companies, identifying and recruiting research volunteers for clinical trials including Biogen’s breakthrough Alzheimer’s therapy, aducanumab.
Sean spent 2 years at Syntegrity (an RTI International Company), where he deployed systems thinking and management cybernetics to existential, emergent, and ‘VUCA’ challenges at the C-level and on blockbuster products in the life sciences and pharmaceutical sectors, including projects on the North American opioid crisis, and pro-bono work to accelerate gender parity at senior levels of the healthcare industry.
Sean performs consulting for GENYX in the Environment, Financial Services, and Healthcare sectors. Sean’s recent client work includes Bee’ah Group, Emirates Islamic Bank, MSD Takeda, and Viatris as well as the charitable organization Gulf for Good.

Joss Sargent

Associate Consultant - Communications

Joss Sargent uses her diverse experience and impressive skills to help businesses, leaders, and teams perform better; she specializes in developing inclusive, healthy, and high-performing cultures that deliver tangible results. She’s savvy providing strategic counsel to executive teams and senior leaders – especially around purposeful story-telling.
Working globally for a wide variety of organizations in diverse sectors, from SMEs to multi-nationals, Joss applies her combined expertise in organizational culture, strategic communication, engagement, and coaching to help GENYX deliver transitional and transformational change programs.
Joss has designed and implemented several complex change programs applying her post-graduate Certificate in the Psychology of Organizational Development and Change, and training as a Barrett Culture Transformation Tools Practitioner. Joss approaches culture change and renewal holistically and systematically in a measurable way.
Most recently Joss has performed GENYX consulting assignments for MSD in Europe and Viatris in Emerging Markets.
Joss has lived and worked internationally in the Far East and the Middle East and is now based in the United Kingdom.