DYNAMIX® and Team Performance Certification Program

Superior performance within any organization starts with enhancing one’s self-awareness, increasing awareness of others’ communication preferences, and learning how to adapt to and effectively connect with the individuals within our environment. GENYX, in partnership with PeakPerformance2, provides a suite of unique tools to help individuals and teams recognize and leverage their strengths as well as identify areas of improvement to ultimately operate at the top of their capability. In addition, our unique assessment tools are also effective in facilitating onboarding, coaching, and mentoring relationships within an organization.

For individuals and organizations interested in benefiting from this valuable self- and team-development opportunity, we offer In-house as well as Public Quarterly DYNAMIX® & Team Performance Certification Programs where delegates can learn how to facilitate sessions using the DYNAMIX® Profile and the 2 distinct Team Performance Profiles (Team Performance Level-1 and Team Performance Level-2).

DYNAMIX® and Team Performance Certification Program Schedules

  • 12 – 13 September 2023, Virtual
  • 14 November 2023, In-person

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DYNAMIX® Sessions Testimonials

‘’This was a new topic which I never knew I needed. The delivery was seamless, with live illustrations made for a refreshing comprehension. I benefited from taking a deep-dive into myself to identify what I contribute to the team, and how I can use this amazing new tool to foster a better team dynamic, and adapt myself to my opposites and who I complement in the team!’’

“I really enjoyed the digital enhancements to the DYNAMIX® flow. The Card Game on the DYNAMIX® App was a great idea, keep asking them for more things like this!”

“I am convinced that these virtual sessions with GENYX will open up great opportunities for a better understanding of how each member of our team operates. I also appreciate your DYNAMIX® way of animating these 2 days of Virtual Sessions. It’s usually a difficult exercise to keep the attention and action of so many people, and GENYX succeeded very well!”