Your Vision, Our Mission, Your Success

Creative Solutions

We aspire to become the trusted port of call for our client’s digitization strategy, structuring their organization’s technology to become more nimble & agile; by understanding current structures and proposing cost-effective solutions without hindering the quality.


Who We are

We are consultants that aspire to become part of a client's team and provide recommendations towards effective & cost-efficient digital solutions.

What We Do

We help clients achieve their digital goals by strategically designing plans that fit their needs, resonates with their clients and influence decision making.

Why We Are Different

Our primary focus is on establishing long-term relationships based on transparency. Our consultants will evaluate a project and decide whether we are a good fit or not.

Why We Do It

We Believe that Quality and Rapid Results are critical in a highly competitive business world.

Our Approach

A company's technological organization should support its business strategy, not constrain it.

GENYX IT Solution’s method relieves our clients from dealing with multiple suppliers, overpriced solutions and can manage complete IT projects on your behalf to ensure deliverables are strategically aligned with organizational goals.

Why Choose Us?

01. Simplicity

With the constant development in technology and customer’s digitization needs; our One Stop Shop concept offers a clear advantage. Leave the complexity of identifying, managing, and leading IT suppliers & projects to us.

02. Experience

In the past 2 years, we’ve gained recognition and attained prominent clients. This is due to our experienced team and ability to understand that all customers have different needs and view each case from the customer’s perspective.

03. Value

We aspire to exceed expectations, be your single point of contact for everything IT, business transactions, and deliver a high-quality service. We listen, we discuss, we advise, and we are honest and will tell you if we are not a good fit for your project.

Our Services

When Multiple suppliers are assigned to a project, there will be reporting challenges, scope delivery issues, having several providers means increased costs. GENYX IT-Solutions will work with your team to manage suppliers, ensure projects are on track, and can significantly reduce costs.


Without a well-structured agile approach and plan; government entities & corporations might face challenges that could lead to project failure.

Project Management

Managing IT projects can be challenging; we've gained valuable experience in running and managing projects on your behalf while reducing project costs by an average of 17%.

New Technology adaptation

GENYX is well versed in the design & development of AI & Blockchain technologies for the banking and healthcare sectors.


UI & UX are an essential part of product design before proceeding to development. GENYX’s agile approach ensures that Creativity & Quality are not hindered.